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The top 7 advanced features of Cypress to know about

Eran Kinsbruner and Gleb Bahmutov posted some features of Cypress, one of the fastest growing test automation frameworks. They enumerate many of the benefits, chief of which are running the tests inside the browser. Additional benefits of this approach include execution speed and debugging capabilities, along with CI server execution, visual testing capabilities, and growing list of plugins to support team needs.

What’s the Problem with User Stories?

In an article associated with an Agile DevOps Virtual Conference, Adam Sandman recommends making the following considerations when writing user stories: (1) Understand the drivers and goals; (2) Break down the problem into broad themes; (3) Write the user stories; and, (4) Update the stories and write acceptance tests as you develop the system.

STP & STPCon: Changing Times, Moving Forward

Software Test Professionals Conference is shifting post-pandemic under the InflectraCon banner. STPCon was a long-running series of in-person conferences across the U.S. along with online webinars and workshops. The pandemic damaged the ability of STP to continue operating, so working with InflectraCon will ensure the events continue.

Code Colocation is King

Koen van Gilst has posted a short article on the principle of proximity in a codebase. He argues that you should keep the code that changes together close together. This includes where to include one-off pieces of functionality, where tests should live, and other code structuring recommendations. A good read for consideration.

Risk Coverage: A New Currency for Testing

“In the era of agile and DevOps, release decisions need to be made rapidly—preferably, even automatically and instantaneously. Test results that focus solely on the number of test cases leave you with a huge blind spot. If you want fast, accurate assessments of the risks associated with promoting the latest release candidate to production, you need a new currency in testing: Risk coverage needs to replace test coverage.”

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