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Microsoft Races Ahead On RPA (Robotic Process Automation)

After Microsoft’s acquisition of Softmotive, it was expected they would make strides in the RPA market. Now rebranded as “Power Automate”, the desktop tool is used for both web- and desktop-applications. Most of the processes are automated via a drag-and-drop mechanism with a library of standard actions to choose from. Like the other big vendors in the space (UiPath, Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere), Microsoft wants to extend their tool to Machine Learning (ML) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) capabilities.

Best Practices for using Docker Hub for CI/CD

Docker has published the first in a series of posts about using Docker Hub for CI/CD. To set the stage, they ask users to consider the inner loop (code, build, run, test) and the outer loop (push change, CI build, CI test, deployment) of the development cycle. For instance, as part of hte inner loop they recommend running unit tests as part of the docker build command by adding a target for them in the Dockerfile. Additionally, when setting up CI they recommend using a Docker Hub access token rather than a password (new access tokens can be created from the security page on Docker Hub). Another recommendation is to reduce the build time and reduce the number of calls by making use of the build cache to reuse layers already pulled using buildX caching functionality. Lots more to come in subsequent posts from the team at Docker.

5 Key Elements for Designing a Successful Dashboard

“When you’re designing a dashboard to track and display metrics, it is important to consider the needs and expectations of the users of the dashboard and the information that is available. There are several aspects to consider when creating a new dashboard in order to make it a useful tool. For a mnemonic device to help you easily remember the qualities that make a good dashboard, just remember the acronym ‘VITAL.'”

BDD (Behavior Driven Development) | Better Executable Specifications

Dave Farley speaks on Behavior Driven Development (BDD) in this video recorded by Continous Delivery. In the talk, he provides background on the creation of BDD and its relation to Test Driven Development (TDD). Dave gives a solid rundown of the naming conventions that should be used and those that should be avoided — with the effects on software testing. This is a great starter for anyone looking to learn more about BDD.

10 Reasons to Attend DevOps Next

DevOps Next is happening this week online ( The conference has three tracks to choose from: Testing Tools, which include an introduction to AI/ML in software testing tools; Continuous Testing, which are practices and use cases in continuous testing leveraging AI and ML; and, DevOps & Code, about maturing code quality and DevOps teams productivity using AI and ML. The event is headlined by a number of experts in the field. A great opportunity to learn more about ML & AI (Note: I will also be presenting on RPA).

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