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The following will be a regular feature where we share articles, podcasts, and webinars of interest from the web.

How to build a CI/CD pipeline with examples

Every team will setup their CI/CD pipeline differently based on available infrastructure and release policies. The components and tools in any CI/CD pipeline depend on the team’s needs and workflow. At a high level pipelines will have a common structure, which is explained in this article by Deepak Dhami. The four core stages of a pipeline are: source (a change made in an application source code, configuration, environment or data to trigger the pipeline), build, test, and deploy.

The Test Data Bottleneck and How to Solve IT

“Test data is one of the major bottlenecks in testing processes. By simplifying test data, we can solve this bottleneck by tackling four major challenges.” Provides a solid, high-level view of different types of test data and how each can be leveraged.

Running k3d and Istio locally

This is an excellent how-to on getting k3d and Istio setup locally. The choice is tooling is for a local setup since k3d is a wrapper for k3s in Docker. Additionally the author wants to leverage Keptn for application orchestration. Simple walk through for anyone curious.

Introducing Developer Velocity Lab – A Research Initiative to Amplify Developer Work and Well-Being

Microsoft and GitHub have released a Developer Velocity Lab (DVL), which is a joint research initiative led by Dr. Nicole Forsgren. The DVL aims to discover, improve, and amplify developer work by focusing on productivity, community, and well-being. The first publication is SPACE of Developer Productivity.

GitLab and Jira integration: the final steps

The final of a three-part series on GitLab and Jira integration. The final article provides multiple walkthroughs on how to refer Jira issues by the ID in GitLab branch names, commit messages, and merge request titles, as well as the ability to move Jira issues along with commit messages.

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