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4 DevOps Anti-Patterns That Lead to Disaster

Tom Stiehm discusses four common anti-patterns associated with DevOps, which are the “hero anti-pattern”, “continuous build anti-pattern”, “DevOps silo anti-pattern”, and “selective automation”.

A Guide to Threat Modeling For Developers

Jim Gumbley provides a great in-depth guide on threat modeling for team with multiple examples on Martin Fowler’s blog.

Deadlines and Agility

Doc Norton addresses the “no deadlines” philosophy in Agile. Deadlines happen often and teams are subject to external deadlines such as regulatory changes. Using repetition he explains three aspects of high-functioning teams.

Failure – Is It A Matter of When?

Barry O’Reilly uses the Chernobyl disaster as a backdrop to discuss how we perform failure analysis. There are four factors to consider for failure causes: (1) KPI’s drive behavior, (2) the flow of information, (3) value guides behavior, and (4) limited resources put pressure on behavior.

Idealcast Podcast

Gene Kim, author of the Phoenix Project, has started a podcast. The first episode covers the Five ideals, key principles for success in the digital age.

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