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The State of Open Source Testing: Key Findings on BDD

A consortium of companies joined together to conduct a survey of more than 1,800 technology professionals, most of them in the QA space, to create “The State of Open Source Testing” survey results. Their findings were (1) Writing good Gherkins requires practice, (2) Living Documentation is a hidden gem, (3) SpecFlow and Cucumber are the tools of choice, (4) BDD is used in pieces, and (5) BDD projects run with 50% higher efficiency.

Data Toxicity and Automatic Number-Plate Recognition (ANPR) – Take Five for CyberSecurity

Wolf Goerlich has been posting great videos on Cyber Secrurity in a series called “Take Five” (because the videos are five minutes). In the associated video he talks about a leak of license plates from a automated photo recognition system; he shares what “data toxicity” means and three things a company can do about toxic data.

Top 75 Automation Testing Blogs & News Websites To Follow in 2020

The following is a list of the most popular automation test blogs to follow in 2020 as ranked by Feedspot. Their team ranked the blogs based on relevancy, industry focus, posting frequency, social media follow counts & engagements, domain authority, age of the blog and Alex traffic report.

Enterprise Test Automation: 4 Ways to Break Through the Top Barriers

“How can mature companies with complex systems achieve the level of test automation that modern delivery schedules and processes demand? There are four strategies that have helped many organizations finally break through the test automation barrier: Simplify automation across the technology stack, end the test maintenance nightmare, shift to API testing, and choose the right tools for your needs.”

A Digital Jobs Program to Help America’s Economic Recovery

Google has started an online jobs program to teach people skills to shift careers. The program is called “Grow with Google” and will encompass multiple Google Career Certificates, funding need-based scholarships, $10 million in job training grants, and Google will consider the certificates the equivalent of a four-year degree for related roles. The new certificates will be in Data Analytics, Project Management, and User Experience (UX) Design. These programs don’t require a degree or prior experience to enter.

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