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Best Books to Learn Automation Testing

The following is a list of ten books to help anyone learning automation testing. Some of the books included are industry standards such as “Clean Code” by Bob Martin and “Refactoring” by Martin Fowler. Dot Graham is represented twice with a couple of classics in “Software Test Automation” and “Experiences of Test Automation”. Probably one of the best jumping off points is “Continuous Testing for DevOps Professionals” because it’s an anthology series with many well-known automation developers each publishing a chapter.

Defensive Design Strategies to Prevent Flaky Tests

Flaky tests are those tests that alternate between passing and failing due to poor automation code, test data issues, or environment instability. Investigation of flaky tests takes away valuable time from investigating true failures. Flaky tests can be unit tests, integration tests, or UI tests. One of the recommendations is to not make assumptions about the data you can’t verify. Tests should examine the current state, make a change to the system, and then examine the new state.

5 Tips to Take Your DevOps Pipeline Beyond the Basics

“The goal of a DevOps pipeline is to create a continuous workflow that includes the entire application lifecycle. But too often, people focus only on the tools and automating everything, not stopping to think whether their processes could further improve performance and efficiency. Let’s look at some common challenges to continuous delivery and then learn five tips for refining your DevOps pipeline and taking it to the next level.”

Specification by Example, 10 Years Later

Gojko Adzic takes a look at “Specification by Example” 10 years on. He recently conducted a survey to discover what’s changed in the industry since releasing the book. The summary is from many of the people who follow Gojko and industry experts. They looked at areas such as using executable specifications, writing style for requirements, tooling selection, and extent of automation.

How to Automate Video Game Tests

Joe Colantonio conducted an interview with Shane Evans over GameDriver, a way to conduct automated testing in games that goes beyond Unit Testing. GameDriver allows for automation of playtesting, which is useful because most integration testing and playtesting are done manually in the game industry. With the shift to CI/CD as a standard practice, game developers need to test more quickly. The interview takes you through the architecture of GameDriver, a simple example, and a game test recorder.

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