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Avoiding Storms with BDD & Automated Testing

Adam Cogan provides a decent introduction to Behavior-Driven Development in a post that highlights Microsoft’s shift to use Playwright at their primary test automation tool. While I don’t agree with his assessment that Playwright has overtaken Selenium just yet, having more supported tools to assist testers is a good thing.

Pillars of a Good Test Automation Framework

Marie Drake takes the reader through her pillars of a good automation framework, based on a discussion from an online panel the prior month. Her must-haves for a framework are: reusability, maintainability, scalability, framework extensions, ease of use, and community support.

10 Experiments to Improve Your Exploratory Testing Note Taking

From the archives, this gem from Alan Richardson provides guidance on how to enhance your Exploratory Testing sessions with several easy-to-remember experiments. This is recommended reading for testers looking to refresh their skills or anyone just starting to learn Exploratory Testing.

What Is Mobile Device Testing? Strategies for Testing on Devices

Similar to the above advice on Exploratory Testing, the following article from Perfecto Mobile provides some excellent advice on the approach a team or organization should take when testing with mobile devices.

Demystifying Differential and Incremental Analysis for Static Code Analysis within DevOps

“The DevOps Movement has many recommended practices for automation of processes and testing. However, across different market verticals, the requirements, practices, and cadence of releases very widely. For example, in the more security or safety relevant software markets, development processes often also include compliance to coding standards, or other security and safety practices that must be “baked” into the process in order to achieve compliance.”

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