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State of Testing Report 2021

The State of Testing report is an annual survey released by PractiTest that seeks to identify the current characteristics, practices, and challenges facing the software testing community. This year’s survey found that the size of the software testers teams is growing in organizations. Additionally, close to 90% of organizations implementing test automation as part of their integrated software QA approach. Teams are also using automation in building and deploying software, with 85% of organizations adopting some form of DevOps practice. The full report is available HERE.

Teaching Acceptance Test-Driven Development

Acceptance test-driven development is a whole-delivery cycle method that allows the entire team to define system behavior in specific terms before coding begins. These conversations align the expectations of the testers, developers, and product owners, forcing any silly arguments to happen before someone has to create the code twice. Here are some great beginner exercises for teaching ATDD.

Ditch Your Logs for Better Monitoring Metrics

Incomplete logs cause a lack of information, visibility, trackability, and context. Pawel encourages teams to look for patterns and turn the raw data from logs into metrics. He recommends using a structured logging approach, so they will be better processed programmatically to provide insights. To convert logs into usable format, use a time series database to parse the information in the context of monitoring and then count everything in specific timeframes.

GitLab’s Remote Work Report

GitLab has published a remote work report in response to the massive shift to working from home during COVID. They found that half of all workers would consider leaving their current company for a remote role. Even though a majority of people would recommend working remotely to a friend, nearly all people polled are not satisfied with their level of productivity. Only one third of workers report their organization does a good job of aligning work across projects. Given the current restrictions on office work, 33% of remote workers saw their company implement a virtual coffee or tea break to foster a sense of community.

How to Get the Most Value Out of Your Software Testing Budget

Eran Kinsbruner provides some advice on getting the most Return On Investment (ROI) on the software testing budget. The first place he recommends exploring is everything being tested manually and converting as many repetitive tests to automated tasks. He also recommends aligning automation frameworks to skillsets in the organization. The full list of his recommendations for improvement are located in the linked article.

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