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The following will be a regular feature where we share articles, podcasts, and webinars of interest from the web. This week we’ll showcase a articles on Robot Process Automation, Source Code management, Mobile testing, Automation as Documentation, and a free virtual conference.

3 Steps for Deploying Robotic Process Automation

Jeff Machols outlines a high-level adoption of Robot Process Automation (RPA). RPA has become a hot tech topic in the last few years with many companies adopting an RPA solution to automate business processes. The article also links to several additional articles about RPA that are useful for anyone looking to learn about the subject.

Patterns for Managing Source Code Branches

Martin Fowler is back with another gem about source code management. The article is worth the read and should be part of a book on source control. Details below:

Modern source-control systems provide powerful tools that make it easy to create branches in source code. But eventually these branches have to be merged back together, and many teams spend an inordinate amount of time coping with their tangled thicket of branches. There are several patterns that can allow teams to use branching effectively, concentrating around integrating the work of multiple developers and organizing the path to production releases. The over-arching theme is that branches should be integrated frequently and efforts focused on a healthy mainline that can be deployed into production with minimal effort.”

Emulator vs Simulator vs Real Devices: Which One to Choose for Testing

A short article about the context for testing mobile applications when considering speed and reliability. The article also links to a few podcasts, one of which with Perfecto Mobile’s developer advocate Eran Kinsbruner.

SmartBear Connect Conference

This year the SmartBear Connect conference is going virtual. The event is free and will be held April 27-28. There are some great speakers lined up to present at the conference. Red Green Refactor will post additional events on our Events page HERE.

Replacing the Water Cooler

An open invitation by Atomist to use automation as a means of transferring knowledge, which they call “skills”. They have an early preview available if you sign up at the bottom of the article.

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