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The following will be a regular feature where we share articles, podcasts, and webinars of interest from the web. 

From Test Management to Continuous Delivery

Seb Rose and Dana Prey recently hosted a webinar on (now a SmartBear tool) about the evolution of testing to support continuous delivery. “This webinar will define Test Management and Continuous Delivery and go on to explore typical challenges you’ll encounter on your journey towards CD. We’ll describe small steps that you can use to mitigate the risks of changing the way you work, and the value that can be released from the start.”

Information Loss in Software Testing

Matt Heusser describes the level of information loss about a project or product as it moves up through the chain of command, as well as the negative aspects of controlling information about an application for your personal benefit (job security). He provides several alternatives to conveying information such as coverage maps and dashboards to help contain organizational information loss.

Clear, Direct Communication: An Experiment

Kent Beck posts a personal piece about communication with others through his life. The piece is an important introspection who is professionally successful and considered a luminary in our field, yet still struggles with interpersonal connections.

Fighting Against Technical Debt

Cukenfest was held virtually this past week. While the videos are not posted yet, Gaspar Nagy has posted his presentation to slideshare. His talk about technical debt is distilled into three focus areas: Reversibility, Reaction, and Sustainability.

DevOps Journey Playbook

The DevOps Institute have gathered lots of great background information on aspects of DevOps into a single location as a series of playbooks. “Playbooks are a collaborative body of knowledge of research, knowledge and artifacts to help you understand and SKILup your DevOps capabilities. A playbook is populated with twelve research chapter reports plus additional content for ongoing discovery and support during your DevOps journey. We continuously update the playbook with regional and global perspectives for actionable strategies and implementations.”

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