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Mozilla: The Greatest Tech Company Left Behind

A sad story about layoffs at Mozilla with cuts happening in the developer tools division. The article contains a brief history of Mozilla, including their contributions to web. Mozilla actually pulls most of it’s revenue from Google, a competitor to the browser, to make the search engine the default for the browser. Probably one of their biggest failures is not having a presence in the mobile web market, which is dominated by Chrome and Safari.

Introducing BDD to Your Team: How Does it Affect Your Role as a Tester?

Bas Djikstra provides a roadmap for introducing your team to BDD. The first fundamental mindset change is involving testers from the start of development of every new feature. Bas recommends involving testers in refinements sessions upfront. Specifications should be discussed upfront with the business partners and work with the developers should be collaborative during actual feature development. The last piece of BDD is automating those specifications to align with end-user behavior.

How Continuous Testing is Done in DevOps

“DevOps does speed up your processes and make them more efficient, but companies must focus on quality as well as speed. QA should not live outside the DevOps environment; it should be a fundamental part. If your DevOps ambitions have started with only the development and operations teams, it’s not too late to loop in testing. You must integrate QA into the lifecycle in order to truly achieve DevOps benefits.”

Breakpoint Highlights: Test Automation

BrowserStack’s first virtual conference recorded all their sessions and have made them available to everyone. It’s a good alternative to the face-to-face events many of us have missed since COVID. At least with these virtual events we can watch them at our leisure and not have to worry about choosing between two talks at the same slot. Details: “We hosted BrowserStack’s first-ever virtual summit, Breakpoint 2020 last week. We saw over 10,000 registrations and 2500+ attendees from 155 countries, 18 speakers, and 2 cats! Speakers from Twitter, Trivago, Selenium, Robot Framework, and more talked about agile testing, quality at speed, decentralized testing, release reconstruction, and testing best practices.”

A Guide from Key DevOps Experts

Eran Kinsbruner of Perforce is releasing another anthology book written by a group of DevOps professionals on Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Robotic Process Automation. The book covers: “The fundamentals of AI and ML in software development and testing, including the basics for testing AI-based applications, classifications of AI/ML, and defects tied to AI/ML. Practical advice and recommendations for using AI/ML-based solutions within software development activities, like visual AI test automation, AI in test management, testing conversational AI apps, RPA benefits, and API testing. More advanced and future-focused angles of AI and ML with projections and unique use cases, including AI and ML in logs observability, AIOps, how to maintain AI/ML test automation, and test impact analysis with AI.”

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