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6 Ways to Secure Buy-in For Your DevOps Journey

This article by Scott Carey is an excellent summary of talks at the recent DevOps Enterprise Summit. The first way is “start with people, not technology”, by conducting value stream mapping exercises to identify key business outcomes and processes. “Land and expand” is about finding the first product team or workload to deliver success and then expand to other teams. “Coach, don’t dictate” is about having empathy for the teams being supported in the transition, especially those who haven’t made the journey yet in their careers. “Making it safe to try” is about establishing an environment where it’s alright to fail fast by establishing psychological safety. “Measure, measure, measure” means establishing the telemetry to monitor outcomes and having a shared understanding of success. Lastly, “leveraging a change in management” is about taking advantage of a fresh start to promote DevOps practices.

50 Quick Ideas to Improve User Stories

 Several years ago Gojko Adzic published a series of books on testing, user stories, retrospectives, and impact mapping. These books are great resources to help a team or organization improve in their respective areas. Gojko has also turned the “Fifty Quick Ideas to Improve Your User Stories” into a free reference card deck under the creative commons license. Great reference material for any BA.

Metrics and Scrum

Doc Norton has been consistently featured on “From the Pipeline” for good reason: he’s one of the brightest minds in tech and unafraid to take on sacred cows. In his most recent post, he examines metrics associated with Scrum. What makes the post fascinating is although the Scrum guide does not explicitly mention metrics, the guide does have several points of measurement: in monitoring goals, in monitoring sprints, and increments, from which implicit metrics can be derived.

Design Patterns in Test Automation

Another great post from Anand Bagmar about test automation. In the lengthy post with many citations, he walks the reader through essentials of test automation from building a framework to common designer patterns, to challenges associated with the page-object pattern. Bookmark this article for future reference!

Deception and Estimation: How We Fool Ourselves

This brief blog post by Linda Rising to accompany a conference talk raises an interesting point about our built-in biases in estimating software projects. “Research shows that the best estimates come from a high-level comparison of the current project to others of a similar nature. Yet most estimation in software development comes from a bottom-up approach, by looking at the complexity of unknown components and then adding up the pieces to produce a view of the whole.”

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