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The following will be a regular feature where we share articles, podcasts, and webinars of interest from the web. This week we’ll showcase a articles on Jenkins upgrades, DevOps, Checking versus Testing, the Screenplay pattern, and an external post by yours truly.

Docker Images for Agents: New Names and What’s Next

Jenkins is moving away from the antiquated “slave” name in favor of “agent” because the former name was considered inappropriate. Jenkins Docker images will also expand availability of windows images, support for additional platforms, and multi-platform Docker images.

How to Decide Which Types of Test Cases to Automate

Perfecto has published part of my strategy and tactics of test automation on their blog.

Making DevOps Evolution Happen

Helen Beal provides a high-level summary for troubles surrounding the DevOps evolution that most companies are trying to overcome. It’s not simply renaming the build team to “DevOps” but rather a slow and committed process to change an organization’s culture.

Checking vs Testing

Jason Arbon presents his view (with a bit of humor) regarding the “checking” versus “testing” debate that has occurred online and at conference across the globe. In the article, he differentiates between automated regression testing and generative automated testing. For Jason, regression tests are those often repeated test scripts to validate existing application behavior. Generative automated testing analyzes the software specifications, implementation, and application itself to automatically generate test coverage.

Understanding Screenplay

Matt Wynne provides part 4 in his series on the Screenplay pattern for test automation. You can follow the trail back to part 1. The series is a great comparison piece for people who use the PageObject pattern for their application testing.

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