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Six Testing Personas to Avoid

This is a great article about the anti-patterns associated with software testers. Great advice for testers on avoiding common problems like only following existing test scripts, a hyper-focus on automation, growing stale in your learning, or focusing too much on shiny new developments without implementing them.

Using Docker Desktop and Docker Hub Together

This is the first of a two-part series on how to use Docker Desktop and Docker Hub. This is a great step-by-step process for anyone looking to get into docker for the first time.

What is Non-Functional Testing?

Eran Kinsbruner provides a great overview of non-functional testing including a list of many of the non-functional testing types. Many of the activities he describes can be assisted with a cloud-based testing platform.

The Science of Software Testing

Last month I spoke at ComTrade’s “Quest for Quality” webinar series. This blog post summarizes much of the talk on “The Science of Testing” about how software testers can leverage practices of scientists to help improve the rigor of testing.

Should We Build Better Software…Or Better People? (With Damian Synadinos)

The QA Lead podcast is a great resource for testers. In the most recent episode Damian Synadinos is the guest of honor. Damian does a great job of getting to the fundamentals of software testing and solving the oft-overlooked human component of software development.

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