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Unit Testing is Overrated

In this recent post the author argues that focus on unit tests is in many cases a complete waste of time. In the example-heavy piece, it’s argued that unit tests are only useful to verify pure business logic inside a given function because of external dependencies mean the implementation is often replaced with abstractions or writing data to systems means that test is technically a unit test (and would need to be abstracted as well to make it a unit test). The post is definitely worth a read.

Beyond the Cache with Python

Guy Royse explores the usage of Redis beyond caching. Redis can be used as a queue by pushing new items to the end of the list. Redis can also be used to subscribe to and publish events as well as data streaming, as a search engine, and a primary database. The examples are all in Python and taken from Guy’s popular Bigfoot data he uses at conferences. The article also links to a GitHub account to check out the code.

How to Achieve Automated Accessibility Testing

“Accessibility testing is a type of testing done to ensure that your apps are usable by as many people as possible. Automated accessibility testing helps expedite your release cycle and identify issues early.” Eran Kinsbruner shows how a team can make accessibility testing an upfront concern and shows an example how to automate the testing using Jenkins, GitHub, Selenium, Axe, and Perfecto. The post also includes a webinar to see how automated accessibility testing can be achieved.

Working with BDD Remote Part 3: Make Living Documentation Accessible

Gojko Adzic’s third installment in BDD remote work. In the post, he advocates to make easy access scenarios as part of the living documentation for testing, in particular exploratory testing (as an example). One example he provides is using Azure Devops with SpecFlow “LivingDoc”, which renders feature files in Azure Devops with filtering and linking capabilities. There are other tools for Jira. The ultimate goal is making this material readily to all members of the team.

Best Selling DevOps Books

This is a compiled list of the best-selling DevOps books of all time according to book Authority. As expected, the DevOps Handbook, Accelerate, and The Phoenix Project top the list.

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