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IEEE Spectrum Ranked the Top Trending Programming Languages

Python earned the top spot of programming languages as ranked by IEEE based on 11 metrics from 8 sources. The study found that Javascript has greater volume but is used primarily for web applications, whereas Python has become a general-purpose scripting language. One of the interesting metrics used was the number of job openings on indeed (not sure why LinkedIn was not used instead), which had Java at #1 followed by Javascript, C#, and Python. This article was quite helpful in understanding trends in the industry.

Value Stream Mapping: How to See Where You’re Going By Seeing Where You Are

Steve Pereira posted an experience report on Value Stream Mapping from his involvement with 3 different organizations over the past year. A value stream is the sequence of activities an organization undertakes to deliver on a customer request. The sequence is displayed visually to depict information and material flow. This is a great example of three different mapping exercises and the value provided through value stream mapping (VSM).

VSM DevCon

As a follow-up on the post above, VSM DevCon recently hosted a virtual conference on value streams. They posted all the recorded videos from the event (free to view). Details below: “As software development, delivery and performance become more complex due to modern architectures, value streams can help organizations unlock the bottlenecks and eliminate process waste to continuously improve how they work and deliver better experiences to their customers. Value stream management concepts are critical when the product changes frequently due to opportunities in the markets, the materials change due to the complexity of modern software architectures and means of delivery, and the output is often changing based on customer demands and expectations.”

Comparing 4 Top Cross-Browser Testing Frameworks

Eran Kinsbruner examines several of the most popular testing frameworks used for webapp testing. He compares Cypress to Selenium to Puppeteer to the recently released Microsoft Playwright. Overall Selenium is the most flexible to use but does require more programming knowledge than the other three.

Technical Debt: 5 Ways to Manage It

This article offers five ways to help manage technical debt within a team or an organization. In the post, the author recommends a team look to reframe software development strategy (new code standards, TD tracking, agile approach that promotes TD removal), integrate metrics into development (code coverage for unit tests, bug counts, etc.), test more frequently within a release cycle, maintain a knowledge base for standards & practices, and conduct regular refactoring sessions.

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