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On the Diverse And Fantastical Shapes of Testing

Martin Fowler walks through recent discussion on testing models and the loose definition of “unit test” with some historical background. The test pyramid posits that most testing done as unit tests, whereas the honeycomb and trophy instead focus on a relatively small amount of unit tests and focus mostly on integration tests.

Why You Shouldn’t Use Cucumber for API Testing

“Many people misunderstand the purpose of Cucumber. Because it seems to yield clearer, plain-language test scripts, testers want to use Cucumber as a general-purpose testing tool, including for API tests. But its true purpose is as a BDD framework. You may be thinking, what’s the harm? Here’s why it makes a difference—and why you should choose another tool for API testing.”

Value Stream Thinking: The Next Level of DevOps

Rather than focusing solely on automation, DevOps is much bigger than a CI/CD pipeline. In this article from CloudBees, they run through five reasons to apply value stream thinking. Those categories are: (1)DevOps isn’t just pipelines and automation, (2) Visibility identifies issues and creates consensus, (3) Measurement + value stream thinking = The where and the how, (4) Value should be added at every stage, and (5) Value stream thinking helps negotiate complexity.

Accessibility Testing on Foldable Smartphones

Foldable smartphones are next generation smartphones. Native app development teams will have to adjust for non-functional testing areas such as accessibility, security, performance and UX. For accessibility specifically, there will be scans for both opened and folded modes.

How to Decide if You Should Automate a Test Case

Test automation is imperative for the fast-paced agile projects of today. Testers need to continuously plan, design and execute automated tests to ensure the quality of the software. But the most important task is to decide what to automate first. Here, we have compiled a list of questions to help you prioritize what you should automate next and guide your test automation strategy.

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