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The following will be a regular feature where we share articles, podcasts, and webinars of interest from the web. This week we’ll focus on five articles published recently about refactoring, code reviews, leadership, bug reports, and unit testing.

Refactoring: This Class is Too Large

From Martin Fowler’s blog, this piece by Clare Sudbury takes the reader through the step-by-step process of refactoring. The article is long but well worth the time as you learn how to systematically identify smells in a codebase and clean them up.

How To Improve Your Git Code Review Workflow

While the purpose of this article leads toward a particular tool, the lessons from the code review process are important and tool agnostic: require code reviews before merging changes, make reviews accessible to global teams, setup an effective workflow, and integrate with CI.

The Difference Between Compliance and Commitment and How to Create Committed Teams

From the leadership viewpoint, this article explains the difference between compliant and committed employees. Building a culture of accountability is essential to engage employees and, according to studies cited in the article, leads to higher productivity.

Writing Good Bug Reports

Andy Knight provides some essentials on writing good bug reports. This is a solid investigation into what goes into a bug report, why we should write them, and what are the “do’s” and “don’ts” of bug reports.

JUnit vs. TestNG: Choosing a Framework for Unit Testing

A comparison of two popular Unit Testing Frameworks by Junaid Ahmed. In the article, Junaid provides great details on the differences in annotations, executing the test suite, reporting, and ultimately what criteria developers should consider when selecting a Unit Test framework.

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