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Jenkins Documentation Progress

Jenkins joined the Continuous Delivery Foundation in 2019 as one of the first open source projects. Documentation changes are proposed via pull requests to the GitHub repository. They show an improvement between the proposal of a pull request and a response to the pull request. Jenkins also has managed to merge 85% of pull requests within a 24-hour window. Another recent positive change is the support for plugin documentation stored inside the GitHub repositories. They know have blog posts, documentation, webinars, conversion tools, and progress measurements to assist plugin maintainers and other contributors as they migrate documentation from the Jenkins wiki to the plugin GitHub repositories.

Scientists rename human genes to stop Microsoft Excel from misreading them as dates

27 human genes have been renamed because Microsoft Excel kept misreading their symbols as dates. Excel is commonly used in sciences to store and examine data, with many instances of data becoming corrupted by Excel’s auto-formatting. A study from 2016 showed that nearly one-fifth of all published papers had been affected by Excel errors. The HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee has recently published new guidelines for gene naming that include symbols that affect data handling and retrieval. This story is an excellent example of software design decisions having unintended consequences for users. In this instance, the users changed their behavior to adapt to the software because the issue was so widespread it was easier to change naming genes than to expect Microsoft to update Excel.

SelectorsHub: The Next Gen XPath, CSS Selectors Tool

Selenium locators are a core part of how the open-source tool finds & interacts with web elements. Selecting a dynamic locator or generic locator often results in flaky tests. Two of the most popular locators are CSS and XPath. The SelectorsHub tool is a browser extension that auto-suggests all the possible combinations of attributes, text, siblings, etc to build selectors. The tool also supports those pesky iFrames and SVG elements. Overall a pretty cool feature released by LambdaTest!

Improving Test Data Collection and Management

“There is much published about the data we generate to assess product quality. There is less discussion about the data testers generate for our own use that can help us improve our work—and even less is said about recommended practices for data collection. Test data collection, management, and use all call for upfront planning and ongoing maintenance. Here’s how testers can improve these practices.”

CukenFest 2020 On-Demand

Many tech events went from in-person to virtual this year. Cukenfest was no different. After joining the SmartBear team, the folks over at Cucumber now have access to more resources to spread the word about BDD. This year CukenFest is online, with all the recordings of the sessions available for viewing. Check it out!

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