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Introducing Boa Constrictor: The .NET Screenplay Pattern

Andy Knight, the “Automation Panda”, has released a new open source tool for implementing the Screenplay Pattern for test automation. The Screenplay pattern has slowly chipped away at Page Object’s high usage in the web automation space. The reason for the shift is the pattern follows a good design principle in coding: separation of concerns. In the pattern, actors use abilities to perform interactions. Andy has provided a brief tutorial in his article along with a link to the open source code.

Let’s Focus More on Quality and Less on Testing

Joel Montvelisky is one of the luminaries in the testing field. In this article posted to StickyMinds (which has also a conference presentation), Joel explains how the role of the tester has shifted and his recommendations to providing the most value to a team & organization. “In order to understand a tester’s value, we need to look at the role and understand the impact of the changing development process on this role.”

Comparing Java and Ruby

Deepak Vohra provides a good overview of the differences between Java and Ruby for someone looking to learn their first programming language. I would recommend this for anyone trying to understand the difference between interpreted versus compiled languages, static typed versus dynamically typed, as well as OOP principles. The article is brief but is a good jumping off point.

An Unlikely Union – DevOps and Audit

IT Revolution has made one of their white papers on DevOps available free to the public. This is absolutely worth a read for those of you working in organizations that must go through security, compliance, and audit to make changes. “Many organizations are adopting DevOps patterns and practices and are enjoying the benefits that come from that adoption: More speed. Higher quality. Better value. However, many organizations often get stymied when dealing with information security, compliance, and audit requirements. There seems to be a misconception that DevOps practices won’t work in organizations which are under SOX or PCI regulations. In this paper, we will provide some high-level guidance on three major concerns about DevOps Practices: (1) DevOps and Change Control, (2) DevOps and Security, (3) DevOps and Separation of Duties”

Kobiton Odyssey Recordings

This past Summer Kobiton hosted an online conference called Kobiton. They invited industry leaders in the quality space to provide experience reports. They have made these conference talks freely available to everyone. I recommend listening to the sessions by Joel Montvelisky, Paul Grizzaffi, and Melissa Tondi.

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