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The following is a regular feature where we share articles, podcasts, and webinars of interest from the web. We have a numeric theme with the items chosen for this “From the Pipeline”.


Recently I’ve been exploring Test Data Management (TDM) tooling after spending a year working with some tricky data sets for automated testing. This list is a good starting point because TDM is not about only creating synthetic data, but also subsetting, masking, obfuscation, and structuring. Given the enormity of the challenge it’s no wonder there are many commercial vendors offering solutions.

What’s New in Cypress 10

The latest release of Cypress has a number of changes. First, component testing is updated to test directly in the browser. There are also project structure updates to configuration and plugins. Naming conventions are recommended to differentiate between end-to-end tests and component tests. Lastly, the migration assistant to help with making the directory changes to your project.

15 Top Load Testing Tools for 2022

Joe Colantonio updates his list of Load Testing tools each year in an easy-to-use guide. He has interspersed recorded interviews and reviews of those tools in his guide to make it excellent reference material if you’re looking to brush up on the best tools in the industry.

18 virtual team building activities and games for 2022

A handy guide from Atlassian on some remote team building activities. Aside from the enumerated list, I really enjoy the table reference so you can quickly identify the best circumstance for the activity. Useful for any team lead or Scrum Master.

16 ways software testability can assist manual testing

Ashley Graf has posted an solid article on testability for manual testing. She provides some valuable ideas to use in manual testing practices, which should be seen as just as important as automated tests.

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