The events below are a collection of webinars, meetups, conferences, and workshops that we recommend. If you have an event you wish to promote or an event you want us to speak at then please let us know via the Contact Us page.



OWASP Virtual AppSec Days

The OWASP Foundation is hosting a Virtual AppSec Days on April 27-29th. We will be running a 90 minute virtual mini-conference Monday, April 27, followed by 8-hour virtual training courses offered in 4-hour blocks on the 28th-29th. The trainings will begin at 12:00pm Eastern Time (USA)/6:00pm Central European Time. The event wraps-up with a Virtual CTF hostedContinue reading "OWASP Virtual AppSec Days"

SQA Webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation With API Lifecycle & Test Automation

Webinar Details: Today, more than ever, exceptional digital experiences are critical. In many businesses, they are becoming a requirement. But ensuring high quality digital apps, whether they are consumed from a mobile device or desktop browsers, is complicated. Apps must cover, consider, and meet a wide range of functional, nonfunctional, integration, and UX requirements. AContinue reading "SQA Webinar: Accelerating Digital Transformation With API Lifecycle & Test Automation"

Improving Lunch & Learn: Automate Builds and Deployments with Azure DevOps

Abstract: The key to building high quality software is to follow high quality processes. The best processes cannot help you achieve the expected results if those processes aren’t followed. Small variations or missed steps can dramatically impact quality. In this Lunch and Learn session we’ll look how to use Azure DevOps to automate your buildContinue reading "Improving Lunch & Learn: Automate Builds and Deployments with Azure DevOps"


Join Us The combination of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) promises an entirely new level of process and business efficiency. But truly integrated solutions are few and far between.   Join Microsoft’s Prem Prakash and Automation Anywhere’s Stephen DeWitt to see what’s possible when two industry leaders partner up to revolutionize theContinue reading "INTELLIGENT AUTOMATION – THE POWER OF AI AND RPA"

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know about BDD

So you think you know about Behavior-Driven Development? During this session, Cucumber core team members Matt Wynne and Dermot Canniffe will bust some common myths and share the secrets that make teams who’ve adopted BDD so successful. Learn about the challenges you’ll face along the way, get a taste of this exciting methodology that’s revolutionizingContinue reading "10 Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know about BDD"

Systemic Effect of an RPA Development Framework

Phil Harden, Capgemini Practice Architect, will discuss system-wide effects of RPA Development Framework adoption. Learn how the address of a singular problem space grew into an entire RPA Approach. From Process Evaluation/Selection through Automation Support and Maintenance, each and every phase of the SDLC is positively affected.

Online Test Conference

What is OnlineTestConf? OnlineTestConf is a conference that brings all the advantages of attending professional QA related conferences: personal learning, networking etc. without the shortcomings of scheduling, expenses and travel. The conference is now running for the 8th time with attendees from all parts of the world, well known speakers as well as young presenters, discussing everythingContinue reading "Online Test Conference"

Observability Concepts for Software Delivery

One of the hottest topics on conference tracks is Observability, continually trending as a critical interest to enterprise developers and operations. Observability helps users understand their systems, anything from what's slow, what's broken, and what needs to be improved next iteration. However, distributed systems present unique challenges in adopting and scaling observability. To manage andContinue reading "Observability Concepts for Software Delivery"

Creating a Community from Scratch: A Conversation with Rehgan Avon

About this Event Building a community doesn't just happen overnight. That's why I wanted to invite Rehgan onto the webinar. In four short years, Rehgan went from an idea to bring together women in the analytics space to a 6,000 strong community with one of the largest women technology conferences in the United States. HerContinue reading "Creating a Community from Scratch: A Conversation with Rehgan Avon"

CukenFest Remote

CUKENFEST LONDON RETURNS AS A REMOTE CONFERENCE THIS YEAR IN JUNE! We’re going to bring the same level of detail and warmth that we bring to our flagship BDD conference. Capacity will continue to be limited to allow for deep discussions and for ideas to bounce around. Behaviour-Driven Development is a human practice but itContinue reading "CukenFest Remote" is a free, completely digital, two-day event that will feature globally-accessible broadcasted keynotes, live and on-demand breakout sessions, a fun and interactive virtual “community cafe,” digital “Ask the Experts” sessions, and more.   Check back often, as we will continue to update this page regularly with more information, exciting new details, and additional experiences toContinue reading ""

Agile 2020 Conference


Our annual North American conference is dedicated to furthering Agile principles and providing a venue for people and ideas to flourish. Join us in Orlando, FL from July 20-24, 2020 for the Agile2020 Conference In its 19th year, the Agile Alliance global conference is the premier international, noncommercial conference on Agile methods in software development.Continue reading "Agile 2020 Conference"

Achieve Continuous Testing with Test Automation

Achieve Continuous Testing with Test Automation Date: Tuesday, August 11, 2020 Time: 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT Quality Assurance (QA) is no longer enough—you need Quality Engineering (QE) for digital transformation to get wings. As companies across every sector are adopting digital to improve efficiency and customer experience, the testing function has the responsibility of ensuring successContinue reading "Achieve Continuous Testing with Test Automation"

Pittsburgh TechFest

Pittsburgh TechFest is a two-day event on August 13-14 online where software development professionals from Southwestern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas will get together to talk and learn about perfecting our craft. Topics will include coding, tools, agile, project management, etc. All development disciplines (devs, testers, PMs, DBAs, BAs etc.) and all development stacks (Ruby, Java, .Net,Continue reading "Pittsburgh TechFest"

Code PaLOUsa

About Conference Code PaLOUsa is a software development conference designed to cover all aspects of software development regardless of technology stack. The conference schedule features presentations from well-known professionals in the software development community. This is the tenth year for Code PaLOUsa 2020 and it takes more than a global pandemic to stop this event.Continue reading "Code PaLOUsa"

Communication, Collaboration and Rapid Response through Software

Thursday August 20, 2020 | 1:00 EST KellyAnn Fitzpatrick, Industry Analyst - RedMonk Communication and collaboration are critical to success in any software organization. Today, in the face of extreme disruption, they are even more critical. Join us to learn how organizations are using DevOps principles and practices to respond rapidly to changing needs andContinue reading "Communication, Collaboration and Rapid Response through Software"

UiPath DevCon

The future of automation is coming to you. Live, online, and free. Come together, September 2nd and 3rd, with the world’s largest RPA developer community as we learn, build, and connect at UiPath DevCon: Expand your knowledge with master developer sessions and live demos Learn from front-line, hands-on practitioners Ask questions, give us feedback—in realContinue reading "UiPath DevCon"

Implementing BDD: How One Team is Making it Work

Behavior Driven Development, or BDD, has been a buzzworthy term in the testing and development community for several years. At first glance the elements of BDD seem simple. Testing scenarios! Living documentation! Automation! Reports! That sounds great; why isn’t everyone doing it? However, upon deeper dive, it’s obvious the implementation of BDD needs a lotContinue reading "Implementing BDD: How One Team is Making it Work"

DevOps World

If you’re interested in the future of DevOps, DevOps World is a chance to get inspired by experts and look at what the future holds. It caters to the full DevOps ecosystem and brings together thought leaders, practitioners, and community contributors from around the world, providing attendees the opportunity to learn, explore, network virtually, andContinue reading "DevOps World"

STPCon Fall 2020

The Leading Conference on Software Testing Where Testers Come to Learn The Software Test Professionals Conference is the leading event where test leadership, management, and strategy converge. The hottest topics in the industry are covered including agile testing, performance testing, test automation, AI, machine learning, mobile application testing, and test team leadership and management. AttendingContinue reading "STPCon Fall 2020"