The events below are a collection of webinars, meetups, conferences, and workshops that we recommend. If you have an event you wish to promote or an event you want us to speak at then please let us know via the Contact Us page.



THE AUTOMATION FIREHOSE: Be Strategic & Tactical With Your Mobile & Web Testing

The widespread adoption of test automation has created many challenges — for everything from development lifecycle integration to scripting strategy. One pitfall of automation is that teams often rush to automate everything they can. This is the automation firehose. However, just because a scenario CAN be automated does not mean it SHOULD be automated. ForContinue reading "THE AUTOMATION FIREHOSE: Be Strategic & Tactical With Your Mobile & Web Testing"

Columbus Ruby Brigade

Agenda: 5:30pm - 6:30pm: Networking - feel free to drop in anytime after 5pm and chat until the talks 7:30pm: The doors to the Root Insurance Co building will lock. You can't get in after this. 6:30pm - 8pm: Talks 8pm -10pm: Please join us as we pick a nearby watering hole to network andContinue reading "Columbus Ruby Brigade"

SmartBear Connect (Free Virtual Conference)

You’ll hear from a combination of software testing industry experts, leaders, founders, and trainers of SmartBear products, practitioners and more! The event will combine SmartBear product training and news, best practices, practical advice, and insight into SmartBear and our strategic direction. Check here for our full speaker list!