The events below are a collection of webinars, meetups, conferences, and workshops that we recommend. If you have an event you wish to promote or an event you want us to speak at then please let us know via the Contact Us page.



InflectraCon™ Virtual

Welcome to InflectraCon™ Virtual – Inflectra’s Agile Testing & DevOps Conference Join our multi-track, four-day virtual conference focusing on software testing, agile methodologies, DevOps, and program management with Inflectra®'s platform. The program will include workshops, thought leadership from industry experts, examples of real-life application of Inflectra® systems, and deep-dives into testing, requirements and agile management,Continue reading "InflectraCon™ Virtual" A community conference on Java, Cloud, JVM Languages and Big Data originally planned for Chicago in the fall is now a FREE VIRTUAL EVENT for you to enjoy on September 30, anywhere. Keynotes: 2 amazing keynotes from leaders in the Java world. Tracks: 4 tracks with experts from our global Java community. Sessions: 28 in-depth sessions VisitContinue reading ""

DevOps Next

Join us Wednesday, September 30 for DevOps Next, a free, half-day event packed with sessions on AI & ML in continuous testing, code quality, and DevOps productivit Registration Now Open! DevOps Next is a half-day virtual event by and for DevOps industry experts — examining the challenges of DevOps today, and how evolving smart technologiesContinue reading "DevOps Next"

Quest For Quality

Quest for Quality Conference - Online Forward-thinking Conference on AI, Software Quality and Testing   Quest for Quality is a 2-day forward-thinking annual software QA and testing conference, discussing the latest trends and topics in AI, QA & software development while bringing together international thought leaders addressing latest challenges of new technologies. Conference 2020 is amazinglyContinue reading "Quest For Quality"

All Day DevOps

The 5th Annual All Day DevOps is on November 12, 2020. Starting at 9:00 AM GMT and continuing for 24 hours, there will be 6 simultaneous tracks, with each track containing a continuous series of 30-minute presentations, for a total of over 50+ hours of presentations. Attendance is free, available through streaming online services. When Continue reading "All Day DevOps"

Granite State Code Camp

Granite State Code Camp is by developers, for developers, sponsored by the community, and no cost to attendees. Returning for it's third year for northern New England, the Granite State Code Camp is a featured part of the 603's 2020 Tech Month (November 2020). Held on November 14th online.

PittAgile Gathering

2020 PittAgile Gathering A Day of Growth, Skills Enhancement, and Tribe Building   Building on the success of last year's Gathering, PittAgile is going to hold the *2020 PittAgile Gathering* on November 14th in Pittsburgh, PA.  The goal of this event is to be an Agile workout.  We want to help people build their AgileContinue reading "PittAgile Gathering"

Fall OnlineTestConf 2020

What is OnlineTestConf? OnlineTestConf was the first 100% online conference to provide all the advantages of attending professional QA related conferences: personal learning, networking etc. without the shortcomings of scheduling, expenses and travel. The conference has been running for the past 5 years on a semi-annual basis, long before COVID-19 forced all live events online. Our nextContinue reading "Fall OnlineTestConf 2020"

Software Testing Conference

THEME The Future of Quality: Imagine, Innovate and Build the “new normal” COVID-19 made leaders to imagine the unthinkable. Artificial intelligence, automation, and robotics will make this shift significant.  Many new jobs others created, and almost all will change. As we look ahead, the question is – “how can we innovate to solve most pressing qualityContinue reading "Software Testing Conference"

The DevOps Conference

The DEVOPS Conference The DEVOPS Conference returns for the seventh time, bigger and better than ever. The conference brings together everyone in the DevOps ecosystem - executives, managers, engineers, programmers, and designers. This year’s conference features Agile transformation, Compliance and security, Management and culture, Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery, Cloud native, and DesignOps. You'll learnContinue reading "The DevOps Conference"


Why Breakpoint? The way the world delivers software to customers has changed drastically. Join us to learn what really goes into winning at test automation and continuous delivery, from the best engineering teams.   Experts from the world’s leading companies on transforming testing methodologies


SauceCon brings together the global community of Sauce Labs users and automated testing experts. Join us online April 20-22, as teams from around the world will come together to learnContinue reading "SauceCon"

Stir Trek

Stir Trek 2021 is going to be on Friday, May 7th, 2021. This year will be virtual and livestreamed, but we're planning to bring the same kind of great technicalContinue reading "Stir Trek"


OnlineTestConf was the first 100% online conference to provide all the advantages of attending professional QA related conferences: personal learning, networking etc. without the shortcomings of scheduling, expenses and travel.Continue reading "OnlineTestConf"

Imagine Digital

Imagine is a three-day global, livestreamed and on-demand cloud RPA event. Imagine Digital features a wide variety of interactive content to help you achieve your intelligent automation objectives, especially inContinue reading "Imagine Digital"


PyCon is the largest annual gathering for the community using and developing the open-source Python programming language. Through PyCon, the PSF advances its mission of growing the international community ofContinue reading "PyCon"

SLO Conf

Site Reliability Engineering is one of the hottest areas as companies look to build reliable systems and their online presence. As companies rush to adopt Site Reliability Engineering principles, ServiceContinue reading "SLO Conf"


DockerCon Live will be a free, online experience full of demos of products and innovation from Docker and our partners, deep technical sessions from Docker experts, Docker Captains and luminariesContinue reading "DockerCon"

XP 2021

Agile Turns Twenty While the World Goes Online 2021 marks 20 years since the publication of the Agile Manifesto, making it a good time to reflect on the past, theContinue reading "XP 2021"